Multifunctional Process Calibrator SPMK518 517 516


The SPMK51x series calibrator is with 3.5 Inch TFT color screen, cellphone-like menu, HART communication capability and powerful task management function. It is ideal for calibrating, maintaining, and troubleshooting process instrumentation.



1.Sources and measures mV, mA, ohms, frequency, pulses and switch, also can do temperature-test with thermocouples and RTDs independently

2.Simulates and measures 13 thermocouples (K E J T N R S B C D G L U) and 11 RTDs (Pt1000(385),Pt500(385),Pt100(385),Pt100(3916),Pt100(3926),Pt10(385)

3.Cu10(427),Cu50(428),Cu100(428),Ni120(672),Ni100(618)) with automated cold junction compensation

4.24V loop power supply with independent measuring and sourcing function

5.Documenting storage and automated procedure capability

6.Connect with SPMK SDP intelligent pressure modules

7.HART communication capability

8.With RS232 interface



  SPMK518  SPMK517 SPMK516
Intelligent process calibrator Multifunction process calibrator Multifunctiontemp calibrator
Measurement Millivolt voltage Yes Yes Yes
On- off 
11 RTDs 
13 thermocouples
Simulating Millivolt voltage Yes Yes Yes
Simulate 11 RTDs
Simulate 13thermocouples
Other Functions HART communication   NOT AVAILABLE NOT AVAILABLE
  External pressure module① Need to order separately Need to order separately Need to order separately
  Thermal book Yes Yes Yes
  Step&programming output
  24V loop power supply
  Simulating transmitter
  RS232 communication



Electrical Specifications—Measurement Accuracy

Signal Range Accuracy  Resolution
Current (-30-30)mA ±(0.01%RD+0.005%F.S) 0.1uA
Voltage -30-30)V ±(0.01%RD+0.005%F.S) 0.1mV
mV (-75-75)mV ±(0.01%RD+0.005%F.S) 0.1uV
R-3W (0-400)Ω

1mΩ 10mΩ

R-4W (0-400)Ω
 ±(0.01%RD+0.005%F.S) 1mΩ 10mΩ
Frequency  (1-50000)Hz ±(0.005%RD+0.002%F.S) 1Hz
Pulse 0-999999 ±1pcs  1
Limit Switch If the switch has detective voltage, range is (3-24)V
Thermocouple K E J T N R S B C D G L U
RTD Pt1000(385),Pt500(385),Pt100(385),Pt100(3916),Pt100(3926),Pt10(385)


Electrical Specifications—Source Accuracy

Signal Range Accuracy Resolution
Current  (0-22)mA ±(0.02%RD+0.005%F.S) 0.1uA
Voltage  (0-12)V ±(0.02%RD+0.005%F.S) 0.1mV
mV (-10-100)mV ±(0.02%RD+0.005%F.S) 1uV
Resistance  (0-400)Ω ±(0.02%RD+0.005%F.S) 1mΩ
(400-4000)Ω ±(0.03%RD+0.01%F.S) 10mΩ
Frequency  0-50000)Hz ±(0.005%RD+0.002%F.S) 0.1Hz
Pulse 0-999999 ±1pcs  1
DC24V 24.0±0.5V N/A N/A
Simulating Thermocouple K E J T N R S B C D G L U
Simulating RTD  Pt1000(385),Pt500(385),Pt100(385),Pt100(3916),Pt100(3926),Pt10(385)Cu10(427),Cu50(428),Cu100(428),Ni120(672),Ni100(618)
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