Pneumatic Pressure Comparator Pump SPMK214E


Pressure Range: (-0.95-160) bar; (-14-2350) psi

Connector: 1/4NPT, 1/4BSP, 1/2NPT, 1/2BSP, M20x1.5F optional

Dimension: (470×262×170) mm

Net weight: 6.0Kg

Media: Air

Accessories: sealing component (10pcs), plug (2pcs);



Pneumatic ultra high pressure pump, handheld pressure comparator

1.The Handheld portable pressure calibration pump uses high-quality imported stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials. Using imported advanced sealing technology and sealing elements, refined through a variety of processing technologies, The product has a unique structure and is extremely easy to operate.

2.It is idea for pressure calibration of pressure gauge / pressure transmitter/pressure sensors and other pressure instruments.

3.Recommend: With SPMK700 high accuracy digital pressure gauge/SPMK223 digital calibrator as reference as an application, the effect is better.

Accessories included: O-rings:

1set Manual:1 pc Extra adaptors:

2pcs (for M20*1.5 port only)






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