Pressure Reducer Calibrator with Electronic Pressure Source SPMK213G-D

The pressure source of the SPMK213G-D electric pressure reducer calibrator uses digital control technology to generate high-stability pressure quickly. The required pressure is controlled by the precision valve on the console to meet the requirements of field and laboratory calibration works, which

Main Features

1.Automatically output pneumatic pressure continuously

2.Pressure reducer can be calibrated as a whole set without disassemble the pressure gauge

3.It can check and detect the tightness of the gas pressure reducer

4.It can detect the low pressure and high pressure of the gas pressure reducer to determine whether the high and low pressure chambers are connected

5.The safety valve of the gas pressure reducer can be tested

6.The high and low pressure control systems are independent of each other to avoid damage to the low pressure gauge caused by improper operation

7. It is suitable for the calibration of pressure instruments within (0-25) MPa


Pressure Range

 High pressure range:(0~25)MPa

 Low pressure range:(0~6)MPa


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