SDP Pressure Module External device of SPMK518/7 Process Calibrator

SDP pressure module is easy to carry and with wide pressure range.
It is external device working with SPMK517 / SPMK518 process calibrator for pressure testing and calibration of pressure transmitter, pressure switch, precision pressure gauge, general pressure gauge, pressure sensor and other pressure instruments.

Main Features

1.Easy to carry

2.Tread of M20x1.5M, NPT, BSP optional

3.One process calibrator could with different range of SDP Pressure module

4.Stainless steel shell can be shielding electromagnetic interference


Technical Data

1.Pressure ranges up to 36,000 psi (2,500 bar), Pressure range and accuracy refer to page 19

2.Accuracy: ±0.05%FS / ±0.1%FS

3.Connection: M20×1.5, 1/4NPT / BSP, 1/2NPT / BSP optional

4.Signal output: RS232, 9600 baud rate, date length 8 digits, no stop bit

5.Communication distance: Wire diameter no less than 0.6mm, max distance 3-5m

6. Operation temperature: 0-50℃

7.Environmental Relative humidity:≤95%R.H

8.Atmospheric pressure: (86~106) kPa

9.Dimension: Ø35×133.5(mm)

10.Net Weight: 0.28kg

11.Calibration period: 1 year

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