SPMK251 Pressure Controller

SPMK251 Intelligent pressure controller uses digital control technology to quickly output high precision and high stability pressure.
It needs to connect with external pressure source (Both N2 bottle and other electrical pressure source). It can calibrate or test pressure gauge, Intelligent HART pr

Main Feature

1.Measure voltage, current and switch (on and off), and other electrical signal measurement

2. Built-in voltage (V/mV), current, on-off measurement function and DC24V power supply

3.Built-in standard barometer, gauge pressure and absolute pressure switch

4. Step way setting of pressure output

5.Built-in Profibus communication, pressure gauge calibration Profibus PA bus

6.With HART communication, it can connect with HART instrument

7.Built-in standard pressure module with high accuracy

8.External Pressure module available for calibration

9. 8-inch touch screen, high resolution display in both English and Chinese


Electrical Measuring Range and Accuracy

  Measure Range Resolution Accuracy
Current (-30~30)mA 0.0001mA ±(0.01%RD+0.005%FS)
Voltage (-30~30)V 0.0001V ±(0.01%RD+0.005%FS)
Voltage (-300~300)mV 0.001mV ±(0.01%RD+0.005%FS)
Switch ON/OFF Testing
DC24Voutput (24±0.5)V, max 50mA


Technical Data

Model SPMK251/7
Range (-0.09~7)MPa
Build in Module (-0.1~7)MPa.    0.05%F. S
External Pressure Module Select according to the pressure instrument under test, the measuring range is not greater than the built-in pressure standard module.
Pressure Type Gauge Pressure/Absolute Pressure
Media Air/Nitrogen gas
External Pressure Source External Pressure Source
Stability Control(30s) ≤0.003%FS
Pressure control over (back) adjustment Not more than 0.1% of the absolute value of the target pressure
Target pressure stability duration More than 5 Mins
Control corresponding time (without external load) 30s
Function V、mV、mA、Switch、Calibrate HART、Profibus PA、DC24V Output
Display Digit 4/5/6 digit display available to switch 
Outport Thread M20x1.5/BSP/NPT
Communication RS232、USB 、LAN、WIFI
Power AC220V
Dimension  (410x460x190) mm
Weight 14kg
Storage temperature (0~50)℃
Relative humidity <90% non-condensation
Recommended purchase SPMK211D/7 Electrical Pressure Source


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