SPMK991T Automatic Pressure Calibration Bench

Auto pressure generation, dynamic balance tech, Instant pressure stabilization without leakage;
High-precision pressure regulating valve;
Three instruments can be tested at one time;
Safe, reliable, solid and durable;
Small noise and easy to operate.

Technical Datasheet

SPMK991T/Vacuum  -95-0 kpa Frequency     (50±2)Hz
SPMK991T / Pneumatic 0-40 bar System power 800W
SPMK991T / Hydraulic 0-700 bar  Dimension (1050x700x620)mm
Working Temperature (5~35)℃ Weight  45-65kg
AC power  220V±10%
Reliable grounding required; resistance should be less than 50Ω.
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