SPMK211D Automatic Pressure Generator

The SPMK211D/08/7/25 electric pressure generator can quickly generate pressure to the setting range,and can easily complete the calibration of pressure instruments with the SPMK251 intelligent pressure controller.

Main Features

1.The pressure range can be set by yourself within its range;

2. The pressure is automatically generated without manual operation;

3.Fast and stable pressure generator;

4.Pressure and Vacuum can be carried out at the same time efficiently.

Technical Data

Model SPMK211D/08 SPMK211D/7 SPMK211D/25
Preset Pressure 0.8MPa (-0.095~7)MPa (-0.095~26)MPa
Pressurization Time 1 min 30secs 1 min 30secs 5mins
Display LED Display
Connection M20x1.5 / NPT / BSP thread Optional
Weight 50kg 70kg 110kg
Volume (500x490x580) mm
Power Supply AC220V
Power 0.5kW 1kW 3kW
Storage Environment (-20~70)C° <90% non-condensing
Use Environment (-10~50)C° <90% non-condensing


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